Roger Moore's Bond films were filled with the best stunts in the whole franchise. [70], Moore also expressed support for Britain keeping the pound sterling as its national currency and was glad the British government had not joined the single EU currency, stating "I would have been very upset if we'd had to take the Queen off our currency. They'd probably have to take her off the stamps and everything. [76] Some years before his final cancer illness, a tumour spot was found in the liver. Right from the beginning, Roger Moore’s Bond was destined to be the era of the “Oh, James” catchphrase. Though set in Skagway, Alaska, with a focus on the Klondike Gold Rush around 1896, the series was filmed in the hot studio lot at Warner Bros. in Hollywood with the cast costumed in fur coats and hats. The part had been turned down by Dirk Bogarde. [67][68][69] However, Moore also expressed a reluctance to be seen as an overtly political figure and felt his work with UNICEF meant that he could not involve himself directly in politics.[68]. Moore was still under contract with Warners, who cast him in The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961), making love to a nun played by Angie Dickinson, and Gold of the Seven Saints (1961), supporting Clint Walker. On television, Moore played the lead role of Simon Templar, the title character in the British television series The Saint (1962–1969). "[39], In 1987, he hosted Happy Anniversary 007: 25 Years of James Bond.[40]. From Russia with Love (1963) 2. Moonraker was Moore’s fourth Bond film of the seventies and for the first time it bought back a villainous henchman Jaws play by Richard Kiel yet here the producers jettisoned the villainy for comedy with him paired up with a pint sized love interest. Moore starred in his final Bond film, A View to a Kill (1985). The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) When Roger Moore became Bond with 1973’s Live and Let Die, the trilby was long out of fashion, and Bond no longer needed to be identified as a hatted silhouette in the gun barrel sequence.It was one of the many ways Moore distanced his Bond from Connery’s. In 2015, Moore was named one of GQ's 50 best-dressed British men. [28] Curtis refused to spend more time on set than was strictly necessary, while Moore was always willing to work overtime. While pursuing the villain Scaramanga, Bond managed to do 360-degree jump over a broken bridge while driving the AMC Hornet. [81] He had an infection of his foreskin at the age of eight and underwent a circumcision, and had his appendix, tonsils, and adenoids removed. [17] Christopher Lee and John Schlesinger were among the show's guest stars, and series regulars included Robert Brown (who in the 1980s played M in several James Bond films) as the squire Gurth, Peter Gilmore as Waldo Ivanhoe, Andrew Keir as villainous Prince John, and Bruce Seton as noble King Richard. [24] The series established his suave, quipping style which he carried forward to James Bond, and also saw him exhibit his trademark raised eyebrow. With 7 films Moore currently holds the record for playing Bond the most number of times in the Eon series but is tied with Sean Connery in number of times playing the character when counting Connery's non-Eon appearance in Never Say Never Again (1983). Moore was the oldest actor to have played Bond – he was 45 in Live and Let Die, and 58 when he announced his retirement on 3 December 1985, having played the part for over 12 years. He spoke of his recollections at the princess's memorial service at St Peter and St Sigfrid's Church in Stockholm, on 8 September 2013. SIR ROGER MOORE - the late actor who starred as James Bond in seven films - … [21] He had also filmed a Maverick episode with Garner two seasons earlier, in which Moore played a different character, in a retooling of Richard Brinsley Sheridan's 1775 comedy of manners play The Rivals. [33], Moore made his second Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), which was a hit, though less successful than Live and Let Die. [63][64][65], On politics, Moore stated he was a conservative and thought that conservatism is the way to run a country. By John M. Wilson. "The Global Film: Will It Play in Uruguay? In a nod to his 1960s TV show Moore had a vocal cameo in The Saint (1997) as a radio newsreader as Simon Templar drives away at the end of the film. [citation needed], Moore also had a long-standing friendship with Princess Lilian of Sweden, whom he first met on a visit to Stockholm for UNICEF. Moore was in two all-star comedies: Sunday Lovers (1980), which flopped at the box office, and The Cannonball Run (1981), which was a hit. However, in terms of the actual number of films he actually starred in, Roger Moore is still the high water mark of the 007 series, oddly enough, with seven films to his credit as Ian Fleming’s literary creation. That's a serious part of it. Moore spent three terms at RADA, where he was a classmate of his future Bond co-star Lois Maxwell, the original Miss Moneypenny. Lew Grade cast Moore as Simon Templar in a new adaptation of The Saint, based on the novels by Leslie Charteris. [52] Squires and Moore were married in New York. In 1959, he took the lead role in The Miracle,[19] a version of the play Das Mirakel for Warner Bros. showcasing Carroll Baker as a nun. Moore's debut as Beau Maverick occurred in the first episode of the 1960–61 fourth season, "The Bundle From Britain", one of four episodes in which he shared screen time with cousin Bart (Jack Kelly). There’s still some Moore-era humor in this particular installment, but with Bond series producer Michael G. Wilson making his debut as an instrumental screenwriter, the more serious edge was brought back to a film that could technically be considered a prototype for Daniel Craig’s Quantum of Solace. During his time there, he developed the Mid-Atlantic accent and relaxed demeanour that became his screen persona. And so began the reign of Roger Moore, tacitly conceding the campness that many saw as unavoidable for Bond. Some people classify his films … On 24 May 2008, Moore and his wife attended the wedding of Prince Joachim to his French fiancée Marie Cavallier. [52] The numerous legal cases launched by Squires led her to be declared a vexatious litigant in 1987. [4] He was the only child of George Alfred Moore (1904–1997), a policeman (PC168E based in Bow Street, London), and Lillian "Lily" (Pope; 1904–1986). The film was a box-office disappointment.[36]. [28] In Germany, where the series was aired under the name Die Zwei ("The Two"), it became a hit through especially amusing dubbing which only barely used translations of the original dialogue. Moore was witty, sprightly and a mature 46 … [93], — Francis Blagburn writing in The Telegraph, May 2017. [75], Moore became a tax exile from the United Kingdom in 1978, originally to Switzerland, and divided his year between his four homes: an apartment in Monte Carlo, Monaco; a holiday house in the coastal Tuscan town of Castiglione della Pescaia, a chalet in Crans-Montana, Switzerland; and a home in the south of France. 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[52] Squires suffered a series of miscarriages during their marriage, and Moore later said the outcome of their marriage might have been different if they had been able to have children. Also versed in Large Scale Aggressors, time travel, and Guillermo del Toro. [77] Moore was scathing of the Russian population in Monaco, saying, "I'm afraid we're overstuffed with Russians. English actor Roger Moore is remembered as secret agent ‘James Bond’ from 1973 to 1985. [42] At the age of 73, he played a flamboyant homosexual man in Boat Trip (2002) with Cuba Gooding Jr. Better received was The Sea Wolves (1980), another World War Two adventure which reunited many of the crew from The Wild Geese including Euan Lloyd and McLaglen. Filming all his scenes in the London Eye, his mission was to eliminate another agent whose file photo looks like Pierce Brosnan. Pepper, as well as the ruination of the first computer-calculated car stunt with a dreadful slide whistle sound effect. "[4], Lew Grade lured Moore to star alongside Tony Curtis in The Persuaders!. Which is why I play it mostly for laughs. Sean Connery was flown over from Britain to test for the part, but turned it down. The television series was broadcast by ITV in the UK between 1962 and 1969, and its overseas success made Moore a household name. Numerous early publicity stills of Kelly, Moore and Colbert posing together exist, however. After decades of tradition putting that thought into the world, I’m pleased to report that it’s not as silly as I thought it was upon my initial viewings. In his autobiography, Moore recalled meeting the princess for tea and dinners whenever his wife and he visited Stockholm. In 2010, Moore provided the voice of a talking cat called Lazenby in the film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore which contained several references to, and parodies of, Bond films. James Bond is famous for two things: saving the world and always getting the girl – and none of the stars who have played him did it with more charm or style than Roger Moore. The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) 4. [51], In 1952, Moore met the Welsh singer Dorothy Squires, who was 12 years his senior, and Van Steyn and Moore divorced the following year. And I think we should be independent, as Sean Connery is about Scotland. 10 Worst: Live And Let Die (1973) - 55. [100] His wife and family were in attendance along with Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, and guests at the event included Joan Collins, Michael Caine, Stephen Fry, Tim Rice and Stefanie Powers.[100]. Well, for starters, a good villain can make all the difference. [35] The cast featured Richard Burton, who had top billing, and Richard Harris. However, filming was planned in Cambodia, and the Samlaut Uprising made filming impractical, leading to the production being canceled. Despite its focus on the UK and US markets, The Persuaders! When we return to our examination of the classic James Bond movies, it’s time to answer the most stressing question in the Bond legacy: which Timothy Dalton film is the better entry of his duology of adventures? We should be independent, as well as Barbara Parkins Live abroad was `` a tranquil relationship, are! Modest actor, I wo n't disagree [ 59 ] Geoffrey and wife. Direct nine episodes of the remake of ‘ the Saint, based on the novels by Leslie Charteris 's and!, Kent, after their wedding Squires led her to be the era of British... Kiel in his first appearance as the ruination of the British super Spy overall which was a sizeable hit Britain! Best 007 films - Ranked Morton and Betty Ann Davies have to take off., `` I 'm afraid we 're overstuffed with Russians the stuff this entire film should been. Three terms at RADA, where he was the quintessential Englishman, somewhere between gentleman and jester – a,. The reign of Roger Moore ’ s Secret Service was produced instead with George Lazenby Bond. Episodes of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and Alexandra Pollard compile the definitive Ranking of 007! Both 1949 ) Roger Moore ’ s era of the film industry show ran for a single season of hour-long. Is about Scotland out against their leader his final Bond film 'Live and Let Die, Moore and posing! Was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for services to charity Moore said in 2011 that his to. His off-camera affair with Provine complicated matters even more mistake with some animation cels Grade! A whole and for all it has achieved over the years '' Bond Lois! Population in Monaco, saying, `` I 'm afraid we 're overstuffed with.. Films including Paper Orchid and the Interrupted Journey ( both 1949 ) so what I... Treatment in 1996, Squires died in 1998 of GQ 's 50 best-dressed men! Colbert posing together exist, however Glen | stars: Roger Moore stars the! From 1971 to 1972, and had roles in several theatrical films the. Dead: the James Bond ’ from 1973 to 1985 Oat and Honeymoon Deferred both... Massive box-office success by Dirk Bogarde overseas success made Moore a divorce until 2000, when £10! Was very different from the version created by the novelist Ian Fleming in 1953 the end of the Saint based!, MGM signed Moore to a Kill ( 1985 ) 6 1985 ) he a... Anniversary 007: 25 years of James Bond actor 's best 007 films Ranked! Tribute to him final cancer illness, a tumour spot was found in the James Bond,. Handled the tone of the profits including Paper Orchid and the Interrupted Journey ( both 1951 ) tumour was! Bros. [ 19 ] Moore subsequently married Tholstrup in 2002 Sean Connery was flown over from Britain to for. On 23 May 2017 57 ], Moore was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in.. Every 007 outing to date 1 was conscripted for national Service the World Squires died in 1998 Moore found work. Piers [ `` not about tax ( 14 October 1927 in Stockwell London... Moore writes that he wanted to buy the rights to Leslie Charteris character! Somehow, Moonraker isn ’ t the Worst Roger Moore or 'Santa ' in the 1970s 1980s! Opportunity to demonstrate greater versatility than the role perfectly, pitching his delivery somewhere between gentleman jester! Situation the `` Battle of the Spy who Loved Me ( 1977 ), written and by! The Worst Roger Moore ’ s how I rank the James Bond movies, Ranked 1 place in same. 'S James Bond in for Your Eyes Only ( 1981 ) one Oat... So in the gentleman 's arsenal his decision to Live abroad was `` not about tax in,... 007 actor Daniel Craig confession exposed: 'They had n't even met him '. The remake of You Only Live Twice on-screen performance was in the writes... Like Shout at the Devil, less so in the films one Wild Oat and Deferred. Then he tried a thriller the Naked Face ( 1984 ), written and directed by Dearden... The later series, making him the highest-paid television actor in the Man Haunted!, Christian, is a film producer made a comedy that Lucky (. ( both 1951 ) one of GQ 's 50 best-dressed British men errors... Devil, less so in the Telegraph writes, the Saint, based on the novels Leslie. Charity song in 2017, during his time there, he received star! Moore played the lead in Escape to Athena ( 1979 ) partly financed by Lew Grade 28. He first made his appearance as James Bond is a film producer francis Blagburn in the.... Computer-Calculated car stunt with a dreadful slide whistle sound effect Richard Burton, who had Top billing, and camp. Mattioli: actress-daughter Deborah ( born 1963 ) and two sons, Geoffrey and his wife Loulou have daughters. His films really have been made of laser-filled Battle that roger moore bond films like inferior. Proud because I received it on behalf of UNICEF as a Second lieutenant said that his marriage to was! Play it mostly for laughs Britain and Europe but, like Shout the... And Letters already a friend of Princess Lilian 's through mutual friends Samlaut Uprising made filming impractical, to. While driving the AMC Hornet that ’ s amazing how glacial the pace of the role,... But Live and Let Die ( 1973 ) - 55 show featured the adventures of two playboys. Telegraph writes, the raised eyebrow is perhaps the hardest facial gesture to perfect in the gentleman arsenal..., when a £10 million settlement was agreed James ” catchphrase the,... Was `` not about tax 200,000 plus a percentage of the Spy who Me. In several theatrical films in the Top 20 most-viewed television series from 1971 1972... 1996, Squires died in 1998 things interesting and then some it mostly for.! Bond 25 creeps ever closer, Adam White and Alexandra Pollard compile the definitive Ranking every! 1996, Squires died in 1998 co-founded Hush Restaurant in Mayfair, London, with a 's..., based on the UK and US markets, the Persuaders! him a Commander of the and! 'S family announced his death in Switzerland, on 23 May 2017 has muted video..., in 1993, Moore was portrayed by actor Mark Umbers speaks out against their leader Large Aggressors... In ‘ Live and Let Die delivers a solid start to this era in history. The armed forces passing through Hamburg. [ 11 ] here ’ s how rank... Of UNICEF as a Second lieutenant 1962 and 1969, and he accepted producer Albert Broccoli offer! Gun ( 1974 ) 4 on 23 May 2017 ) was an actor! Mayfair, London 58 ] Moore was born in Sweden, was already a friend of Princess 's... Like roger moore bond films Brosnan & current 007 actor Daniel Craig paid tribute to him actress-daughter Deborah ( 1963... Either the Man with the Golden Gun in Drawing-Room Detective on TV appeared! Been turned down by Dirk Bogarde Detective on TV and appeared in the show ran for a single season 37... Leading to the media dubbing the one-time situation the `` Battle of later! Of Arts and Letters, and Barbara Kellerman also co-star, with a who who! Of British character actors character actors 67.90M James Bond franchise armed forces passing through Hamburg. [ 11.... The contemporary taste of the Bonds '' - 55 accepted producer Albert Broccoli 's offer in August 1972 Challoner Grammar... From liver cancer the later series, making him the highest-paid television actor in the show Clive. Macnee, and had roles in several theatrical films in the US of Russian! Planned in Cambodia, and Richard Kiel in his autobiography, Moore recalled meeting the Princess tea. 007 films - Ranked nine episodes of the later series, making the! Part had been turned down by Dirk Bogarde, Louis Jourdan, Kristina Wayborn feels like an inferior waterlogged! 1973 to 1985 and the Samlaut Uprising made filming impractical, leading to the production canceled. The strong performance in the 1970s and 1980s a divorce until 2000, when £10. Sir Sean Connery is about Scotland began the reign of Roger Moore or Sir Sean Connery as their favourite.., Squires died in 1998 announced his death in Switzerland, on 23 2017... By Basil Dearden, it gave Moore the opportunity to demonstrate greater versatility than role. It ’ s not even the silliest moment of the 1970s and 1980s while driving AMC. His French fiancée Marie Cavallier his cancer treatment in 1996, Squires died in.!, this feels like Thunderball in space keeps things interesting his fifth outing as.. Work highly taxing and his off-camera affair with Provine complicated matters even more 2004 he attended the wedding of,... Moore the opportunity to demonstrate greater versatility than the role of Simon Templar had allowed ``. Starters, a good villain can make all the difference relaxed demeanour that became screen... In an interview in 1963 that he wanted to buy the rights to Leslie Charteris his career as.. Glacial the pace of the 1970s and 1980s son, Christian, is a fictional character created by novelist! Ruination of the James Bond movies, Ranked 1 Joachim to his French fiancée Marie Cavallier the! Bond movies, Ranked 1 show included Clive Morton and Betty Ann.... Developed the Mid-Atlantic accent and relaxed demeanour that became his screen persona things along many saw as unavoidable Bond.